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And also because being 69 is making it hard for him to get matches on Tinder. Probably mostly number two. Emile Ratelband, who is a DJ and TV personality, has asked a court in the Netherlands to approve his request to be granted a new birth date that would make him His case is basically that, since people are transgender, he can be trans-age. You shifty Dutchman. You just want to dip into a younger dating pool. No one is more sympathetic to feeling younger than they actually are than me.

Suicide Thoughts and Attempts Among Transgender Adults

Studies show that the prevalence of suicide thoughts and attempts among transgender adults is significantly higher than that of the U. Using data from the U. Transgender Survey, this report examines key risk factors associated with suiciality among a sample of transgender people. Over the past 20 years, a growing body of research has focused on suicidality among transgender individuals, including prevalence estimates and risk factors associated with suicide thoughts and attempts.

You could spend hours reading the invoices dating back to , showroom brochures, magazine articles, photographs, 69 Pontiac Firebird assembly & service.

The Pontiac Firebird Trans Am marked an inauspicious beginning for a muscle car that would soon become Pontiac’s performance flagship. It was ordered on just Firebird coupes and eight convertibles. Its name came from the popular Trans American racing series, though the car never actually competed in Trans Am racing. The only alternative was the Ram Air IV version. The base mill came with a three-speed and 3. A heavy-duty suspension with one-inch front stabilizer bar , Polyglas F70xl4s on seven-inch rims, and special high-effort variable ratio power steering were standard.

Preventing Sexual Transmission of HIV

See all 32 photos. Being the first gives you prominence. It makes you a trailblazer, going where no others have gone before. In life’s big picture it provides you with a distinction that no one can ever challenge. As far as inanimate objects go, being the first of your design creates value that identically built successors cannot claim.

, eff. ; renum. from MVD and am. Date of acquisition of the vehicle. Trans The date the title or bill of sale is forwarded to the department. Trans.

The development of automatic data processing, which enables vast quantities of data to be transmitted within seconds across national frontiers, and indeed across continents, has made it necessary to consider privacy protection in relation to personal data. Belgium, Iceland, the Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland have prepared draft bills to prevent what are considered to be violations of fundamental human rights, such as the unlawful storage of personal data, the storage of inaccurate personal data, or the abuse or unauthorised disclosure of such data.

On the other hand, there is a danger that disparities in national legislations could hamper the free flow of personal data across frontiers; these flows have greatly increased in recent years and are bound to grow further with the widespread introduction of new computer and communications technology. Restrictions on these flows could cause serious disruption in important sectors of the economy, such as banking and insurance. For this reason, OECD Member countries considered it necessary to develop Guidelines which would help to harmonise national privacy legislation and, while upholding such human rights, would at the same time prevent interruptions in international flows of data.

They represent a consensus on basic principles which can be built into existing national legislation, or serve as a basis for legislation in those countries which do not yet have it. Justice M. The Recommendation was adopted and became applicable on 23 September The Guidelines are accompanied by an Explanatory Memorandum intended to provide information on the discussion and reasoning underlining their formulation.

Having regard to articles 1 c , 3 a and 5 b of the Convention on the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development of 14th December, ;. Determined to advance the free flow of information between Member countries and to avoid the creation of unjustified obstacles to the development of economic and social relations among Member countries;. These Guidelines apply to personal data, whether in the public or private sectors, which, because of the manner in which they are processed, or because of their nature or the context in which they are used, pose a danger to privacy and individual liberties.

Exceptions to the Principles contained in Parts Two and Three of these Guidelines, including those relating to national sovereignty, national security and public policy “ordre public” , should be:.

69-Year-Old Man Considers Himself Trans-Age, Wants to be Recognized as 49

For centuries, novel strains of influenza have emerged to produce human pandemics, causing widespread illness, death, and disruption. There have been four influenza pandemics in the past hundred years. During this time, globalization processes, alongside advances in medicine and epidemiology, have altered the way these pandemics are experienced. Drawing on international case studies, this paper provides a review of the impact of past influenza pandemics, while examining the evolution of our understanding of, and response to, these viruses.

c) “transborder flows of personal data” means movements of personal data across for those purposes, should be accurate, complete and kept up-to-date. from computer utilisation studies in the public sector which were initiated in

Api, D. Belsito, D. Botelho, M. Bruze, G. Burton, J. Buschmann, M. Dagli, M.

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Tempering of martensitic steels involves the segregation of carbon, the precipitation of carbides, the decomposition of retained austenite, and the recovery and recrystallization of the martensitic structure. Because these several reactions overlap and occur on such a fine scale, it is only recently that our knowledge of the resulting structures has become reasonably complete. Our present understanding of the processes involved in the tempering of iron-carbon martensites and how they are affected by alloying elements is reviewed.

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The Lone Star State is pioneering innovative approaches to developing and financing major transportation projects. Texans pride themselves on doing things in a big way, and the proposed Trans-Texas Corridor is no exception. The Trans-Texas Corridor is designed to accomodate expanding transportation demands resulting from population growth, particularly in the State’s urban areas. This photo shows a traffic backup on Interstate 35 heading into downtown Austin.

The proposed system will be a network of transportation corridors routes incorporating separate lanes for passenger vehicles and trucks, rail lines for high-speed passenger and freight rail, and a dedicated utility zone. Components in the system may incorporate existing and new highways, railways, and utility rights-of-way where practical.

1969 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am

Rachel M. Burke, PhD 1 ; Claire M. Fry, MD 1 ; Melissa A.

OPERATE AND MAINTAIN THE I/TRANS-TEXAS CORRIDOR. THROUGH A for Proposals (“RFP”) package dated December 3, , issued by the Texas.

Reporting Persons under Section 16 of the Securities and Exchange Act of disclose their transactions in Marriott equity securities on a Form 4. This information is provided below. In those instances where two or more reporting persons are deemed to be the beneficial owners of the same securities such as securities held through trusts, corporations or partnerships , each person is required to disclose the full amount of a transaction in those securities.

Marriott International makes no representation or warranty with respect to any of the information contained herein, takes no responsibility for supplementing, updating or correcting any such information and shall have no liability with respect to any such information. This listing does not include derivatives, such as stock option grants or shares purchased through an employee stock purchase plan. For recent transactions, including derivative transactions, see our Section 16 SEC filings page.

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