Air Force F-15s, F-35s dump 80,000 pounds of bombs on Iraqi island

The first German bombing of London on the night of Aug 24, , was an accident but sparked a war of attrition that would last for five years. German aircraft heading for a military target flew off course and mistakenly dropped their bombs on central London. The raid was interpreted by Winston Churchill as deliberate and the following night 40 British bombers were sent on their first attack to the German capital Berlin. The raid incensed Adolf Hitler, who said that for every bomb dropped by Britain, Germany would retaliate with times more. At the end of September a day onslaught – the Blitz – began on London, with a concerted effort to attack civilians rather than just military sites. Although devastating for many British cities, the shift away from military sites allowed airfields to be rebuilt and RAF squadrons to regroup and continue operations, which arguably aided Britain’s eventual victory. While Britain’s bombing campaign angered many, the Left-wing commentator George Orwell was one of many to argue in its favour, a point he made in a regular radio address. The people of Britain have never felt easy about the bombing of civilians and no doubt they will be ready enough to pity the Germans as soon as they have definitely defeated them. The worst attacks occurred on Coventry on the night of Nov in when people died and much of the city was destroyed.

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example sentences containing “carpet bomb” – Greek-English dictionary and the date change at the end of the century (also known as the Millenium Bomb.

Mentioned in? References in periodicals archive? In his remarks, Biden noted that the party’s conservatism today means that there are candidates who want to “waterboard people. Biden takes jibe at rivals as he winds up UAE visit. When the Republican Texas senator said of Daesh the self-proclaimed Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant that he would ” carpet-bomb them into oblivion” and find out “if sand can glow in the dark”, it seemed he wanted to prove that mindless bellicosity was no figment of Obama’s imagination.

Hillary’s challenges in fight against Daesh. Air Marshal Arthur Harris, who felt he was otherwise engaged in winning the war and welcomed no intrusions from the army or navy, reluctantly assigned bombers to carpet-bomb the northern suburbs of Caen. World War II: the other summer of friendly fire. In the other two – one of which claims to have consulted the bagged areas – there is not a single hint they are planning to carpet-bomb the city with black wheelie bins.

City waste strategy is only fit for the bin. Taliban hit again after heavy raids.

US Carpet-Bombs ‘ISIS-Infested’ Island

Ben Watson. The result has been, at its best, a 40 percent reduction in the territory held by the group in the two countries, with minimal collateral damage and cost to U. Sean MacFarland, who commands the U. And it’s what the Russians have been accused of doing in parts of northwest Syria. Texas Sen.

OREGON Sooner or later, it’s coming: the Really Big One, a massive Northwestern earthquake that will shake infrastructure to rubble and.

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But even the U. Navy was baffled by the bizarre ordnance that drifted over to nearby Brownsville Marina on Aug. The Navy and Coast Guard swiftly secured the area, establishing a 1,yard perimeter and advising locals to avoid windows.

Bombing of Tokyo

It was followed by a ground operation by Iraqi forces. Large bombing raids such as the one shown in the video have become a relatively rare occurrence since the Isis caliphate was defeated earlier this year, but the terror organisation is already regrouping in parts of Iraq. Much as it did in the prelude to its meteoric rise in , Isis has been carrying out targeted assassinations of local political, tribal, and security leaders — and indeed anyone who it deems to be cooperating with the Iraqi government.

The US-led mission to defeat Isis is continuing to work with Iraqi forces to go after the resurgent Isis pockets. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here.

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In a new round of radio ads , Donald Trump lays out his strategy for defeating the Islamic State which has taken responsibility for the Paris attacks that killed people. His solution? Many Americans seem to agree. A majority want Washington to intensify its assault on the militant group, but not by sending in ground troops. They prefer airstrikes. See also: Paris attacks raise fears of change in strategy for Islamic State. While the latter two began their campaigns more recently, the U. This image made from video posted on a militant website on Saturday, July 5, , shows Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of the Islamic State group, delivering a sermon at a mosque in Iraq.

The most obvious reason is that a larger-scale bombing campaign risks killing thousands of civilians who live in ISIS-held areas in Syria and Iraq. ISIS is an elusive target and while Raqqa is de facto capital of its so-called caliphate, the extremists have other strongholds in and outside Syria including Mosul — Iraq’s second-largest city — home to about 2.

Civilian casualties could be “astronomically high” if the U.

Yemen: US-Made Bombs Used in Unlawful Airstrikes

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The destruction of Dresden remains a serious query against the conduct of Allied bombing.’ How could a nation so proud of its high moral.

On the night of March 9, , U. Almost 16 square miles in and around the Japanese capital were incinerated, and between 80, and , Japanese civilians were killed in the worst single firestorm in recorded history. They were planning a low-level bombing attack on Tokyo that would begin that evening, but with a twist: Their planes would be stripped of all guns except for the tail turret.

The decrease in weight would increase the speed of each Superfortress bomber—and would also increase its bomb load capacity by 65 percent, making each plane able to carry more than seven tons. Speed would be crucial, and the crews were warned that if they were shot down, all haste was to be made for the water, which would increase their chances of being picked up by American rescue crews. Should they land within Japanese territory, they could only expect the very worst treatment by civilians, as the mission that night was going to entail the deaths of tens of thousands of those very same civilians.

Curtis LeMay. The cluster bombing of the downtown Tokyo suburb of Shitamachi had been approved only a few hours earlier. Shitamachi was composed of roughly , people living in cramped quarters in wooden-frame buildings.

A Carpet Bomb

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Carpet bombing , also known as saturation bombing , is a large area bombardment done in a progressive manner to inflict damage in every part of a selected area of land. Carpet bombing is usually achieved by dropping many unguided bombs. Carpet bombing of cities, towns, villages, or other areas containing a concentration of civilians is considered a war crime [5] as of Article 51 of the Protocol I of the Geneva Conventions. The term obliteration bombing is sometimes used to describe especially intensified bombing with the intention of destroying a city or a large part of the city.

The term area bombing refers to indiscriminate bombing of an area and also encompasses cases of carpet bombing, including obliteration bombing. It was used in that sense especially during World War II. One of the first cases of carpet bombing was by the Nazi German Condor Legion during the Spanish Civil War against Republican infantry during the Battle of El Mazuco , [9] [10] fought between 6 and 22 September , where the targeted troops were dispersed on rocky slopes and the Condor Legion learned that carpet bombing was not very effective in such terrain.

However, from 16 through 18 March , the Bombing of Barcelona took place successfully, when a series of Fascist Italian and Nazi German airstrikes killed up to 1, people and left at least 2, wounded. They were carefully designed and recorded, gathering crucial information in preparation for the European War that was around the corner. It is considered the first carpet bombing from air in history, [11] and a sad precedent of several such bombings in World War II carried out by both parties.

In the European Theatre , the first city to suffer heavily from aerial bombardment was Warsaw , on 25 September The objective was to support the German assault on the city, break Dutch resistance, and force the Dutch to surrender. Despite a ceasefire, the bombing destroyed almost the entire historic city centre, killing nearly nine hundred civilians and leaving 30, people homeless.


Joseph Kabila, then the president, seemed to be weighing whether or not to stand in an election, even though he should have left office fully a year before, having served his two full constitutional terms. It was at that moment that the American government imposed sanctions on Dan Gertler, an Israeli mining billionaire who is a close friend of Mr Kabila.

The imposition of sanctions on Mr Gertler came as a shock to many companies operating in Congo.

On March 18, , American Bs began carpet-bombing eastern Cambodia. “​Operation Breakfast” was the first course in a four-year bombing campaign that.

David G. Nathan, M. A revolution in cancer drug therapy has been brewing for the past twenty years. The three decades of clinical research carried out between and were largely devoted to the discovery and clinical trials of combinations of DNA-damaging agents that might best be described as carpet-bombing therapeutics.

Great strides were made with these agents in certain diseases such as the hematological malignancies particularly childhood leukemia , Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and the malignancies of the head and neck, colorectum, ovaries and testes and, to a certain extent, breast cancer. But the major epithelial cancers, including lung, colon and prostate, remain largely recalcitrant. A new paradigm is sorely needed. Hope that a better concept of cancer therapy might emerge began to be appreciated in the s and s.

Evidence gathered by several laboratories demonstrated the correctness of the century-old postulate of Theodor Boveri that cancer is due to chromosome injury 1. Indeed, cancer is the commonest acquired disorder of the human genome. Weinberg and his colleagues showed that the disease can be induced by nuclear transfer from a cancer cell to a normal cell 2.

US Biggest Bomber “Atomizes” an Island With 45 Bombs: B-52H Carpet Bombing With M117 Bombs

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